Ecowash Multi SystemEcowash Multi System

Ecowash Multi System

Multi-machine and tunnel machine chemical dosing modular system. 

The first dosing system for industrial washing machine completely modular, you can finally assemble the system on the field so as to ensure a wash always perfect. The multi-machine system allows to manage up to four washing machines.

With 20-100 Lt/h peristaltic pumps or role modules, it provides dosing opportunity for 4 machines up to 10 chemicals with 20 different programs. Its programming is done via Bloetooth. It can calculate statistics and costs and present it in a report. 

%100 Modular: It is easy to build the right system for any need, no more diffrent codes for different configurations.

Installer friendly: Programming by a computer with an icon-based software AQUAware for ECOWASH.

Versatile: Easy to select by two working modes.

Programmable working mode: Easy to program a washing program combined the trigger signals and the pumps. 20 washing programs and with the possibility to set run times or gr/Kg and delay times for each pump.

User friendly: The washing machine operator reads on the display the names of the washing program (whites, colours, no bleaches, linen etc.)

Care of environment: Chemicals saving, always the right quantity of chemicals because it's possible to select the load of the washing machine (%25, %50, %75 or %100). Energy savings thanks the switching mode power supply with PFC active.

Safe: All the modules are connected each other by a serial communication and thanks to the signal module no high voltage signal comes out from the washing machine.


Category: Hygiene Equipments