Aqua Simplex UFAqua Simplex UF

Aqua Simplex UF



A9030210 Aqua Simplex UF
A4240250 FR-N 10'' 1 micron
A4120560 GAC-40 10''
P9020270 Ultra Filtration In-line Cartridge
  • AQUA ultrafiltration system for drinking water.
  • Only a minimum pressure is required, thus no boosting pump is needed. 
  • It is guaranteed an absolute filtration efficiency.
  • Essential elements for human body needs, like salts and minerals, are left in the treatead water.
  • No storage tank and electric power supply are required.
  • As %100 of the treated water becomes available to use, therefore there is no waste of water.
  • 1.step sediment filtration, 2.step taste and smell removal, 3.step bacteria removal.
  • In-line ultra filtration module.

Category: Filtration Systems
  • Filtration surface 2800-3000 mm²
    Flow rate 2,5 lt/min (with 2 bar input)
    Filtration 0,1 micron