aqua su arıtımı
aqua su arıtımı
aqua su arıtımı

Aqua Su Arıtımı San. Tic. Eng. A.S.

Aqua Industrial Group founded in 1994 and headquartered in San Martino in Rio is one of Italy's leading manufacturers in the water treatment sector. It started to work as a small family business and continues its production with an international, technological and innovative perspective that places importance on the needs of the customer in its 9 plants located on an area of 23.000 m². Following a company policy based on creating and strengthening commercial structures in countries with potential to become a market. Aqua markets its products to approximately 100 countries today.

Aqua Industrial Group has been operating for 15 years as Aqua Su Arıtımı San. Tic. Müh. A.Ş. continues in Turkey with purifications systems, pool systems and dosing pumps. 

As Aqua Su Arıtımı our aim is to provide the most suitable solution and high quality with the Aqua products designed and manufactured in compliance with the word standards regarding health and environmental protection.

EQUA VENICE Indoor Case Osmosis

EQUA VENICE Water Purifier is manufactured as a indoor case osmosis, the tank is located in the case with in-line pre-filters.

  • 5 stage system :
    • - GAC Carbon filter (Provides removal of Chlorine, Bad taste, Odor, Color and Heavy metals)
    • - CTO Carbon filter
    • - 5 Micron Spun filter (Removal of sediment)
    • - 75 GPD EQUA Membrane (Provides of treatment of Bacteria, Heavy metals and Harmful minerals)
    • - Coconut Post Carbon Filter (Makes water taste better)
  • 2.0 Gallon Metal Tank
  • Star faucet
  • Automatic Shut-Off valve
  • 6.stage filter (optional)
  • Mounting kit

EQUA VENICE Indoor Case Osmosis

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